Stop Cenovus' dangerous plan to take 3,000 of our jobs at the Lima Refinery!

Who We Are

Ohio Jobs for Ohio Workers is a coalition of Lima and Allen County residents, elected officials, businesses, and community leaders who are committed to prioritize local jobs.

The Lima Refinery has recently been acquired Cenovus Energy and they plan to bring in 3,000 workers from out of state to replace our Ohio workforce.

3,000 fewer jobs for Ohioans is more than $70,000,000 lost to the local economy.

Our community can't afford to take such an economic hit.

Lima Refinery goes non-union for fall turnaround

Lima Refinery goes non-union for fall turnaround

By Matt JaworskiLabor Citizen Writer This article was initially published in the April 2021 edition of The Labor Citizen. More than 3,000 jobs normally performed by union building trades members will instead be performed by non-union, out-of-state construction workers this fall.  ...
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